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How to break free of boredom at work

22 July 2014

If you’re bored at work you’re in trouble! If you’re bored and can’t be bothered at work then you need to get interested fast. You might be completely ‘over’ what you’re doing (or not doing) and you’re waiting for your boss, colleagues, clients or the universe to give you something exciting to work on…  But if […]

How to prioritise effectively by creating this one simple daily habit

31 March 2014

Would you like to cruise through your work day effortlessly and happily while you increase your productivity at the same time? Watch today’s VIDEO below where I share with you one of my secrets to creating successful work days without adding anything to your current to do list! As you may have noticed by now, […]

3 Steps To Make Things Happen In Your Life

10 March 2014

Do you wonder how some people seem to fit everything into their busy schedules? Particularly really important things like quarterly family holidays? Watch my video below where I reveal the 3 most simple steps to make things happen in your life! (P.S. Be sure to watch until the very end where I make a special snow angel […]