Self Care – How To Fill Up Your Own Cup First

20 October 2019

Quote pitcherServing others starts with self care because you can’t pour out of an empty pitcher. Fill yourself up full of happiness, goodness, health and positive energy. I believe the better you look after yourself, you don’t only look after others better, you act as a role model for them to do it too.

I love Rachel Hollis who speaks about how society can view mothers for example. She says, “You rarely hear people cheer on mother’s who run a marathon saying ‘good on ya girl, what a great mum’!”

In my view, I’m a huge fan of self care, as long as the self care activity isn’t completely taking over and there isn’t any neglect, then running a marathon could most definitely help the mother be the best mum she could be! A healthy, endorphin filled, energised, happy mum who is also demonstrating what it takes to run such a distance. The training, perseverance, dedication, commitment and may even inspire their child to do the same one day, or something with the same dedication and character building qualities.

One thing I see a lot when coaching my clients, is that many would like to do a few things for themselves, like go to the gym, have a massage, take an art class or even a night off to hang out with their girlfriends. But they feel guilty and worry too much about what everyone else will think of them.

Meanwhile they stay going full out doing everything for everyone else and worst cases I see, they fall victim to complete burn out. And when that happens, unfortunately, they are very suddenly in no state to help anyone and are then forced to help and look after themselves, for a change.

I support everyone taking time in their week to do what’s important to you, what fills you up, gives you some ‘me time’ and time to take care of yourself. So that, your needs are not put last and ultimately, you prevent burnout or worse frustration that you’re never getting what you really want.

Being so frustrated, doesn’t help you light others up when you’re with them either.

If you need help designing your life to include self care and learning how to communicate this to the people in your life, that not only leaves you feeling good, but also with them respecting and supporting your self care regime, check out my options below.

Until then, enjoy implementing some self care into your routine today!

Live your best life!







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