Emma Isaac’s Book – Winging It!

23 August 2019

Emma Isaacs Winging It 

Emma Isaac’s book ‘Winging It’ is fabulous! I absolutely love it. I bought it to listen on Audible during my morning row. I’ve been to a few Business Chicks events of hers, including the one with Kate Hudson in Melbourne, but never reached for Emma’s book until now. It’s so good I’m listening to it for a second time.

What do I love about it?

As a very successful business woman and mother of 5, Emma shares what has worked for her and openly what hasn’t. She inspires you with her stories and challenges you to think about how the game you’re currently playing in your business might be worthy of a bigger court.

I love thinking about business as a game to play. It helps me to stop taking things too seriously (especially when things aren’t going to plan! Like when you hit the goal post instead of kicking the winning goal!) and I stop and think strategically instead.

I draw on my sporting experience and think about all the components in rowing we had to get right to win. We needed the training program, the right equipment, coach, kit, crew members, mindset, teamwork, fitness, diet, technique, determination, dedication, perseverance, a race plan, big goals and drive and ultimately, we needed to believe in ourselves that we could do it.

We had to work on all of these things, and just like the title of Emma’s book, sometimes we just had to ‘wing it’ and hope for the best.

In business there are so many moving parts too. There are your customers, products and services, marketing, employees, team members, social impact, technology, accounts, finance, cashflow, pricing, returns, competitors, even bad weather and the list goes on!

If you’re competitive like I am and love to play to win (I go for PB’s these days) try this out by thinking about your business as though it was your favourite sport.

Decide which court or field you want to play on, make sure you know the rules (of today by the way if you’ve been in business a long time), take your position (which could be a new one depending on your strengths) and give it your best shot! As if the world was watching you play, which quite frankly, it pretty much already is, but that’s a story for another day.

Until then, grab yourself a copy of Emma Isaac’s book Wing It to be inspired.

Live your best life!







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