• Career Transition

    You know you’re in the wrong job and need help making the scary step to a new career or to start a business and lifestyle of your dreams!

  • Career Growth

    You’re in the right industry but know you have more potential than you’re currently utilising and want to step up to the next level to show up and shine!

  • Career Direction

    You have no idea what your ideal career is and dream about finding your perfect career path FAST!

Work with Jacqueline

Would you like to create a career and life you love by helping others and make a difference in the world?


Jump out of bed on a Monday morning with renewed enthusiasm, energy and excitement for what you do!


What are others saying...

  • Jacqueline’s humorous workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever been to. There was so much thought put into it and everyone participatedd and learnt a lot. It is ages since I had such a good laugh and also learnt a great deal in the process.

    Lilian Nandi, West London Speakers – Toastmasters
  • Really worthwhile, nice to be able to talk to someone who positively believes they can help me get not only my career but my life in order. Inspiring.

    Dawn Morris - London, United Kingdom
  • I have gained so much more than I had expected from my program with Jacqueline. I unequivocally recommend Jacqueline and the Jina Life team.

    Joy Clarke - Canberra, Australia
  • I followed Jacqueline's advice and within a matter of months I was in a completely new position!

    Elizabeth Fagg Accountant London, UK
  • Jacqueline can make even the most intractable problems seem solvable! She is unfailingly cheerful, forward-looking and one of the most positive and encouraging coaches that I have ever met.

    Julith Jedamus – London United Kingdom
  • Jacqueline is an excellent rowing coach. The combination of her technical rowing expertise together with her life coaching skills make her ideally suited to instil confidence and develop good technique at an individual’s own pace.

    Moira Bennett – London United Kingdom
  • By using Jacqueline's enthusiasm for the sport to encourage us, she helps us to achieve more than we ever thought possible.

    Maralee Vezie – London United Kingdom
  • The current economic climate and state of the job’s market has got us all feeling like we’re stuck in a rut and unable to achieve that longed for work/life balance. Jacqueline can help you make the most of your life, no matter what you desire.

    Stacey Wragg - Aspire Magazine Sales Manager - London United Kingdom
  • It’s amazing how life coaching can transform your life and get you the things you’ve always dreamed of; whether it’s a career doing something you love, that elusive work/life balance or even increased self-confidence. It’s all possible thanks to Jacqueline!

    Claire Tipton - Aspire Magazine Editor - London United Kingdom
  • Jacqueline’s mix of sound technical rowing coaching and a contagious positive attitude has filled me with a "can-do" sense of determination. This foundation of confidence is what has finally allowed me to make changes and consistently feel progress. I can't recommend her highly enough.

    Leah Janss Lafond - London, United Kingdom
  • Jacqueline is characterful, approachable and enthusiastic in her participation, making her one of the most valuable members of our Toastmasters club.

    Bob Nisbet - President 2012/2013, West London Speakers Club UK
  • Jacqueline is a responsive and detailed focused person. She has outstanding people skills and is always professional. She has a natural ability to quickly build rapport and trust. I would not hesitate in recommending Jacqueline.

    Mark Landells, Senior Executive, Data#3, Australia
  • I have enormous gratitude for what you have helped me with. I feel much more capable of dealing with life's hurdles and moving forward with purpose and joy in my life.

    Rosy Borland, Australia
  • If you believe in investing, then I highly recommend investing in your own life, and you will find you get so much more in return.

    Belinda Lockerby - Sales & Marketing Project Manager
  • Jacqueline is an amazing, inspiring coach who genuinely believes in her clients and their ability to grow and evolve. Jacqueline approaches her coaching from a spiritual place that helps her clients to deepen their self awareness.

    Kylie Malmberg - Executive Coach, Kaleidoscopic Solutions, Australia Kaleidoscope
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you for your clarity, your absolute belief in life, your enthusiasm without limit and your tips & advice that can conquer any mountain.

    Axelle Bonaparte, Metamorphic Technique Practitioner, Tsuboki Facial Massage & Life Coach, London, United Kingdom The Metamorphic Way