How to spice up your life by getting on the move

17 February 2014

Does your life, career or business need a bit of a boost? Would you like a dose of something to spice up your life?

Watch today’s video from the beautiful location of Port Douglas, Australia and read below to find out how.

Throughout my career I’ve noticed that every time I ‘get on the move‘ good things happen. I can pretty much guarantee that as soon as I book a trip people come running to me for help. Even before I tell them I won’t be around in person for a while they just seem to know from universal forces and don’t want to miss out.

All sorts of other great things happen when I’m on the move too. For example:

1. EXERCISE: There is nothing better than getting on the move exercising to spice up your life by gaining abundance of energy to take action!
2. TAKING A BREAK: Just like athletic training, taking a break away from your usual work and life routine is extremely important. I always find my best ideas when I move away from my home or workplace to rest and do some deep thinking.
3. CONNECTION: When on the move, perhaps it’s just getting out of the house or office to see friends or clients, going on holiday, travelling to new places, attending parties, networking events etc. It’s here where you can develop some of your deepest relationships and it’s your chance to really connect fully with others in person.

So they are my top three tips on how to spice up your life by getting on the move.

What changes do you think you can make in your life today to spice it up? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for my next video ’3 Tips for when you don’t love your current job’

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Jacqueline Pigdon – Spiritual Life, Career & Business Coach

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  1. Caleb February 26, 2014 at 4:15 pm #

    We all hit a wall sometimes in our life and career. Consulting with a professional can be very beneficial in creating goals and achieving where we want to be in life.

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