How to successfully deal with negative feedback at work

10 February 2014

Have you ever received negative feedback at work and felt your confidence immediately shot down? 

Or perhaps you have been on the receiving end of a negative comment delivered in a really nasty way from a colleague or your boss? 

Or you’ve received negative feedback when you least expected it…

Watch my video and read my tips below on how to successfully deal with negative feedback at work.

Receiving negative feedback at work or in your personal life doesn’t have to kill your confidence. I challenge you to view it as a gift.

Yes – this feedback and be precious!

When working on your personal and professional development getting any type of feedback is valuable. It means you have something specific to work on to improve yourself. The last thing you want, is to not know about something that is letting you down that could be changed, worked on or avoided. 

Remember that we don’t have the same thoughts or perspective about ourselves at others do. Other people around us, nice or nasty can provide us with extremely beneficial information, advice or feedback that can help us improve and become the best version of ourselves. 

So next time you receive any type of negative feedback, even if it’s not delivered in the nicest of ways thank the person for their feedback.

Most people when receiving negative feedback are quick to defend themselves and therefore don’t take the time to listen or analyse the value in the feedback.

Even if you disagree 100% with the feedback understanding other peoples views and perceptions can be interesting and helpful.

FOR EXAMPLE: Perhaps you continue to fail getting an interview from your CV. You think your CV is outstanding and don’t want to change it by deleting any of your experience or expertise, but recruiters feedback is that it’s terribly long. Do you leave it as is and risk getting further unsuccessful applications, or do you try something different? Perhaps they are right and your potential employees like short and to the point CV applications.

Welcoming or even directly asking for feedback takes confidence. So always ensure your confidence levels are at their best, then receiving negative feedback is easy.   

Have you received any negative feedback that left you in tears or down right angry and defensive? Can you change your perception about it to gain insight from the experience? Leave a comment below so we can have a chat about it.  

I hope you enjoyed my video tips filmed on my travels in Dubai!

Stay tuned for my next video filmed in another fantastic location…

Live Your Best Life!







Jacqueline Pigdon ~ Spiritual Life, Career & Business Coach

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