The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things!

26 October 2015

The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things! They are people like YOU!

I recently filmed this video tip while I was in London and my inspiration came from one of my birthday cards a very good friend of mine gave me while I was there.

I believe the world is moving into a place where there will be less focus on material possessions and more focus on having memorable and exciting ‘experiences’.

As a location independent entrepreneur I travel a lot and therefore I travel light. I cannot afford to carry around, and personally have never been interested in having too much stuff.

I discovered that I fall into the category of being a ‘minimalist’ and I have to say there are plenty of positives about this situation.

  • There are fewer things to manage therefore you free up time
  • It can give you a greater sense of freedom by removing things around you that just weigh you down
  • It’s easy to be and stay clutter free
  • You can enjoy your environment more
  • Break free of feeling stuck from dead energy piled up around you…

…and ultimately you can have more time and money to spend on fun adventures and experiences in your life with the people you love most!

Here is a great Ted Talk from Graham Hill where he addresses the question:

Can less stuff lead to more happiness?

If you need help to lighten up in life and onto a path where you have less stuff and more fun, request a coaching session with me today.


I hope you enjoyed this video and until next time, I hope you have a fantastic day!
Live Your Best Life


Jacqueline Pigdon, The LOVE MONDAYS Expert is an Australian rowing champion, a spiritual life & career coach, author and award winning entrepreneur! Beginning her career in corporate IT and as an elite sports person she knows firsthand how to achieve goals and make a successful and fulfilling career transition. Jacqueline has dedicated her life to helping other women all around the world do the same and create a career and life they love!

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