How to deal with an irritating colleague

18 October 2013

irritating colleague

Is there someone whom you work with that really gets on your nerves?

Do they often ruin your day and you wish you didn’t have to work anywhere near them?

Irritations, annoyance even anger always comes from within us. If you’re really peaceful in whom you are, what you’re doing and where you’re going then no one can annoy you, unless you let them.

Tips – Ask yourself is there anything you can do or want to do right now to move away from this person? If you’re not prepared to or know you can’t then…

You need to change your perception of this irritating colleague.

I believe people cross our paths for a reason good or bad. Maybe this person is sitting next to you to help you learn a valuable lesson in life. Instead of wasting precious energy being frustrated be thankful to them for highlighting something you need to work on.

Perhaps it’s developing focus around a busy chaotic environment and still get the job done.

Or maybe you’re worrying too much about what other people are doing that you really should spend more time worrying about doing YOUR best job.

I always say “Let them go and wish them well.” If they’re doing the wrong thing it will catch up with them it’s not your job to worry about that.

Remember irritating colleagues are also on their journey in life, learning their lessons and mostly just trying to do their best. If that is their best then who are we to judge?

So ask yourself what are you REALLY annoyed about? Is it that you know you’re in the wrong job but are afraid to leave and have to ‘put up’ with this colleague because of it? Have you been slack at work and should actually be somewhere else by now?

What else? What else? What else?

Once you have your truthful answer can we get somewhere!

Do you have an irritating colleague you work with? Do you have any idea where the annoyance is coming from within you? Write below I would love to help you through it.

Thanks for reading  and until next time…

I hope you have a fantastic day!

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