How to blitz your performance review

03 September 2018

Blitzing your performance review starts way before your actual review meeting. It starts when the objectives on your performance review are being set. Some people find themselves working under management who don’t even do regular performance reviews. If this is you ask for it. However if you do have performance reviews it’s essential you know […]

The Rise of Superman – Steven Kotler

14 December 2017

If you’re obsessed with knowing how to naturally get into the much desired FLOW state like I am – check out this video with Steven Kotler author of The Rise of Superman.      Jacqueline Pigdon, is an Australian rowing champion, international spiritual life and business coach, Wealth and Talent Dynamics consultant, author, speaker and award […]

How to Confront Without Conflict

15 August 2017

One of the biggest questions I have for my clients when they are avoiding a conversation in fear of confrontation and therefore conflict is: ‘Why does it have to be a difficult conversation?’ If your think it will be hard chances are it will be. Because what we put out there is what we get back. Thinking it has to […]