The Right Way To Sleep On The Job

27 January 2014

Now I’m not talking about actually falling asleep at your desk or while you’re on the job! Doing that could be a sure way to get yourself fired. However what I am talking about today is how you can benefit at work while you’re sleeping – at night – in your bed!

Watch today’s video below to find out how:

As we are sleeping our bodies don’t only work hard to repair our cells from our day and rejuvenate and prepare us for the next but our brains are still at work too! 

So what can you do about this to benefit at work while you’re sleeping?

You can start to focus on what you are thinking about or putting into your brain right before you go to sleep.

I tested this theory when I first started attending Toastmasters International (a public speaking and leadership club) where I worked out that I could literally write a speech on Sunday, practice it in my head right before I went to sleep and deliver the speech the next evening with no notes! – A criteria all Toastmasters strive to achieve. 

Many of my fellow Toastmasters were amazed at how fast I could prepare, remember and deliver my speeches. Sleeping on the job was my secret to success! Allowing my mind to absorb and store the information while I was sleeping.

I followed through using this technique with great success when learning to speak new languages and preparing for important client meetings. 

It’s also absolutely fantastic for coming up with answers to your most pressing questions. Perhaps you’re wondering how on earth you will reach a huge target at work, or how you can solve one of your biggest problems in your personal life. Ask the question before you fall asleep with confidence that when you wake up or throughout your day tomorrow you will find your answer. 

You will be amazed how often your answer appears when you do this. 

So not only do you need to think about all the things you are thankful for in your life at the end of your day and think positive thoughts for the next, but you can now utilise your sleeping time, to help you retain information in your brain – while you are sleeping!

Have you tried this technique? What information would you like to retain better and faster in your life? What are your most pressing questions you would love answered? Write below I would love you to leave a comment!

Stay tuned for my next video where I share a career and lifestyle tip with a view from the tallest building in the world!

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Jacqueline Pigdon

Spiritual Life, Career & Business Coach

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