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23 June 2015

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 Take the Talent Dynamics Profile Test today to help you understand your greatest strengths in the workplace and  establish your ideal career path!

 Talent Dynamics TestYou will discover:

  • Your greatest strengths
  • Your most natural activities to success and fulfillment
  • How to channel you strengths in a way that the world responds favourably
  • How to balance your energy and help you get into flow
  • Famous role models you should study and learn from
Get into FLOW
  • The path of least resistance 
  • Obstacles disappear
  • Events fall into place
  • Things feel easy
  • You’re energised having FUN!
How it works
  • You will receive your full profile report
  • The Talent Dynamics Test assess personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviours allowing you to focus on your strengths when making key decisions about your career, your best roles in the workplace and those that are most suited to you. 
  • Unlock your greatest talents and discover where your value lies and increase job satisfaction! 

 Get started!

Purchase the Talent Dynamics Test $97 and we will email your unique token so you can get started! 


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Jacqueline Pigdon, The LOVE MONDAYS Expert is an Australian rowing champion, a spiritual life & career coach, author and award winning entrepreneur! Beginning her career in corporate IT and as an elite sports person she knows firsthand how to achieve goals and make a successful and fulfilling career transition. Jacqueline has dedicated her life to helping other women all around the world do the same and create a career and life they love!

T: +61447728677
E: jacqueline@jinalife.com

To get a copy of Jacqueline’s BOOK ‘Love Mondays Now – 5 Steps to a career & life you love CLICK HERE!

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