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17 December 2013

I’m so excited to announce that my brand new book Love Mondays Now is now available for sale on Amazon!





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Watch the video below to learn what ‘Love Mondays Now’ is all about! 



Love Mondays Now is a fictional and spiritual story of Victoria Rose, a 35 year old lawyer, who realises she has her career all wrong. Driven to succeed whatever it costs, her actions finally catch up with her one unforgettable Monday.

Forced to face the reality of her own life, she embarks upon a unique spiritual journey. It is here where she discovers herself and how to transform her career and life into one she loves.

An inspiring and transformational story which addresses the issues professional women face today.

* Am I in the right career? Do I stay or do I go? If so, what to?
* How to discover your life purpose and turn it into your ideal career.
* Love what you do with a passion and be excited to jump out of bed every Monday morning!

You will learn the 5 essential steps to transform your career and life into one you love using:


Simplify your life & lighten up
How to get out of your own way to achieve career success
Ignite positive change into your career & life NOW
New path & a new YOU!
Establish your recipe for success!

“This book will open your eyes and help you to look within yourself for your answers to your most pressing questions about your life and leave you wishing you had only discovered this brilliant and insightful guidance from the author sooner.”

Raymond Aaron – New York Times Best Selling Author, Canada

“Love Mondays Now is all about practical tips and truth of life we too often forget. All of this mixed within a story we can all rely to. A book on my gift list for all my friends. A book to keep for life.”

Axelle Bonaparte – The Metamorphic Technique, London, United Kingdom

“If you are looking for ‘that book’ that doesn’t read like another self help book, but still helps you, well Love Mondays Now is it. Get ready for some gentle yet assertive realisations as you relate to Victoria Rose in a way that moves you to action.”

Belinda Lockerby – Business Change Collaborator & Coach, Western Australia

“An insightful read which leaves you with a sense of purpose and power to seek what you are looking for to live a fulfilled life.”

Bronwood Woodgate – Lawyer, Victoria, Australia


Purchase your copy at Amazon Today!






Thanks for your support I greatly appreciate it!

Love Mondays Now!
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