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Are you unhappy in your job and want to leave but always find a reason to stay?

I help corporate women in their 30′s & 40′s love what they do, how and when they do it, while getting paid their worth for it!


Look forward to going to work on Monday and feel happy, energised and fulfilled when you go home to your family each day.

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Don’t spend 2/3′s of your life stuck in a job you don’t love… 

Do you really have time to stay in a role that you know isn’t fulfilling your potential or getting you what you really want, while it gets everyone else around you what they want?

Do you feel…

  • like you have no time for your personal life
  • sick of office politics and just want to get on with your own work
  • overwhelmed with more and more work thrown at you
  • while not being appreciated or valued for your skills…
  • you’re not as fit or healthy as you used to be
  • you have no energy left when you get home and vent your frustrations on your family or have unhealthy habits

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Are you sitting on the fence of ~ do I stay in my job or do I go?


Let’s face it,

  • when you have a nice comfortable, reliable job, 
  • with a job title that took you a long time to get, 
  • that pays fairly well and
  • has some people you enjoy working with…

it isn’t always easy to leave.
Especially when you don’t know what else you would or could do…

Why do we stay?

Making a career change can cause enormous stress and be one of the biggest things you might do in your life.

We often stay in a job we’re unhappy with due to:

  • fear of losing what’s positive about it
  • being responsible for it potentially being a bad choice (one you might regret…)
  • because we don’t know what to do next…
  • you will have to start from the bottom and that is something you definitely don’t want to do, and think – especially at this age!

There are some even bigger and deeper reasons you might stay.

  • you may feel a great sense of loyalty to your boss, that to leave them after so long or all they’ve done for you doesn’t feel right…
  • what would they do without you, you’d be leaving them in the lurch when they really need you…

What does this really come down to? 

  • you can fear not being liked or loved and we all want to be liked and loved.

This is called a values clash, which I talk more about in my Coaching Courses.

The clash between being ‘selfish’ i.e. doing what you want versus ‘keeping everyone else happy’

Resentment can build.

Ugh… so you remain stuck… 

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can start to feel better about your job by next Monday if you know HOW.


My advice is stay on the fence!

What!?! You may ask, stay on the fence? Yep! Why? Because if you’re not clear on what to do, there are things you can do first, that will ultimately help you get the clarity you need.

Plus, if you’ve been thinking about staying or going for a long time, and you’re still not sure, then you can give yourself a break from ‘deciding’. 

Now unless you have a track record of making big risky jumps into the unknown and you’re successful that way, then yes you may want to make a decision and go with it. Or you might want to get out ASAP if there is abuse in your workplace or a very unhealthy culture.

But if you don’t have that history or situation and would like to gain some clarity and some instant change in how you feel, there are definitely things you can to do before deciding to leave or not.

What RESULT can you expect?

You will have 3 options

  • transform your current role or advance within your current company or a new one in the same industry
  • make a huge leap into a brand new industry (without starting from the bottom) or,
  • start your own exciting business!


I’ve done each of these things myself. And I’ve been helping women make the right choices and improve their careers and lives into ones they love for the past 20 years!

So before you decide to stay or go…

Let’s start changing the following:

  • how you feel about your current job,
  • how you’re showing up to it and,
  • discover what it has to teach you.

I see so many valuable lessons to be learned from right where we are, and the great news is that once learned, it can trigger the change you have been wanting.

I’ve created a first easy step to start working with me via my online career coaching course.

Enrol in my Online Career Coaching Course!

I’ve created a 6 week course that you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

My courses are based on all my experience over the past 20 years of coaching thousands of people both corporate professionals and business owners. 

I’ve put my best work into my online courses which are all recorded and ready for you to follow step-by-step. Plus, the great news is that they are a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching with me. 

You will stop feeling bad and instead you’ll be excited about going to work on Monday!

In this course you will learn:

  • how to take control of your situation,
  • start making positive changes straight away and,
  • feel great about where you are!

I believe there is something you were put on earth to do

I believe you were put on earth with an innate set of passions and talents that if put to use in the right way can be your greatest value to others, while it fulfils, energises and rewards you at the same time!

I can help you discover what that is!

I know what it feels like not to know

I started out having no idea what to do in my career and stumbled along in corporate IT in Melbourne and London until I invested in my own personal and professional development. From doing so, I exceeded in my IT career, advanced in the company and then changed industries and started my own business! Now I’m pleased to report my latest new career change is becoming a mum-preneur!

What others are saying

“Thankyou, thankyou and thankyou! This must be my lucky year and turning point. I feel so much better after completing your course. I think my guardian angel sent you to me.

I have implemented what you suggested about being more assertive in my workplace. I even have several hours extra now! This has not only enhanced my self esteem and confidence levels but also helped me financially. How amazing you are Jacqueline!”

Jade – Nurse Melbourne, Australia

“Through Jacqueline’s program I was actually excited to go to work the next day!

I realised that I had to start to get to know myself better. What were my core strengths, what did I really love doing and ultimately what did I want? These were big questions and I’m amazed at how quickly I could answer them via the exercises in the course. I immediately started loving going to work and I’m now excited about transitioning into a brand new health and wellness industry that aligns with who I am and what I want.”

Jo – IT Team Leader London, England

“Instead of dreading going to work on Monday I created a new and exciting plan!

I had a challenging colleague that made me mad! After following Jacqueline’s advice I was able to completely turn this relationship around. We’ll never be besties, but we now have a new understanding and work together better than I would have ever expected. This has enabled me to think differently about my job and give me the space to map out exactly what I want to do next. Which is start my own business!”

Lisa -  Financial Account Executive Boston, USA

Is it time YOU get these results too?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you moving forward and start some positive momentum before next Monday.

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Look forward to going to work on Monday and feel happy, energised and fulfilled when you go home to your family each day.

Perfect for professional women in their 30′s and 40′s who want to leave their job but always find a reason to stay…

  • If you’re a high achiever but know you’re not reaching your full potential
  • You know you could be making a much bigger impact
  • You want to work smarter not harder and,
  • Design your work to fit around your desired lifestyle

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My Vision

To help people all over the world align their natural talents, strengths and passions, to make a positive difference in the world with what they do in their personal and professional lives.

My Mission

My mission is to help others increase their self confidence, fulfil their unique purpose in life and understand themselves at a greater spiritual level. 


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Information Systems)

Certificate IV Life, Business, Career & Executive Coaching

Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics & Health Dynamics Performance Consultant

Certified Rowing Coach

Giving Back

A percentage of all courses and programs are donated to helping others in need. So when you invest in helping yourself you know you’re helping others at the same time.

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