Tessa Stuart – Food & Drink Marketing Specialist & Recreational Rower London, United Kingdom


Meenu Sharma – SEO & Social Media Expert Shivam Technologies Melbourne, Australia


Belle Lockerby – Merchandise Business Manager Melbourne, Australia


Rosy Borland – Education Specialist Geelong, Australia

Lola Tomasevic – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia


Branka Kosanovic – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia


Goran Bjelica – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia


Ljubica Pajevic – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia


Maja Plazacic – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia


Marko Jovanovic – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia


Marija Vasic – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia


Nenad Miladinovic – Paraplanner Belgrade, Serbia

Axelle Bonaparte – Metamorphic Technique Practitioner, Tsuboki Facial Massage & Life Coach London, United Kingdom



My main concerns with such a busy lifestyle were trying to fit everything in and not let any one down. Jacqueline has taught me not to let myself down, she has helped me to prioritise, become organized, schedule appointments in advance and balance time for myself as well.

She is fantastic to talk to as she makes you extremely comfortable even when she talks to you about the most confronting issues.

I highly recommend Jina Life and I am sure you will agree once they come into your life and you excel from the benefits they teach you and bring out in you.

Janene Fulton CEO SecurITon. Melbourne, Australia

I have always been a little sceptical self help schemes, however recently I was in the situation where I wasn’t happy at work and I was in need of assistance and advice from an unbiased source. I needed someone who was going to recognise my strengths and suggest ways I could use them more effectively in my line of work. I found that from Jina Life. After only one hour with Jacqueline, we had come up with a plan on how to move forward. I followed Jacqueline’s advice and within a matter of months I was in a completely new position! Jacqueline has also helped me raise my assertiveness, something I have always struggled with and never been quite sure how to change. Jacqueline has helped me to trust my actions and to be confident to make calculated risks in my life.

I can’t thank Jacqueline enough for all her assistance and advice. I truly believe in the aims and objectives of Jina Life. I now have consultations regularly to ensure that my career and life is staying on track.

Elizabeth Fagg – Accountant & Business Adviser – Cummings Flavel McCormack. Melbourne, Australia.

I was introduced to Jina Life through my work as a way of improving my contribution to the organisation. Needless to say, I have also taken a great amount from the experience on a personal level. The Jina Life experience has given me a new perspective of myself and how I relate to challenges in life, both in work and personally. Having an objective view and guidance from a Life Coach has been a rewarding experience and something that will definitely continue into the future. I would also add that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know…’ and sometimes opening your eyes to new ideas, views or thoughts can be a life changing and very rewarding experience…

Milan Petrovic – Senior Financial Planner – Abound Lifestyle Planners. Melbourne, Australia

Jacqueline has helped me focus on the key areas in my life and increase momentum in achieving my goals. In our first few sessions we focused on my career and personal relationships. Jacqueline was able to give me valuable advice and introduced some small changes which had massive impacts on my workload and time management! My business has increased dramatically in past 6 months of seeing Jacqueline which has resulted in a promotion. My personal relationships have improved through analysing repetitive behaviours and adjusting them to get a positive result. I have learnt a lot myself in my sessions with Jacqueline, I realise now why I do certain things and this gives me leverage to change the way I react in everyday situations.

Louise Miles – Consultant Project Services Interpro. Melbourne, Australia.

When I met Jacqueline I thought she would help me by telling me what it was that I wanted and needed to do in my life to sort it out, but I found that it was the opposite! Jacqueline used very effective questioning which brought out my own answers that I had never even thought of. The main thing Jacqueline has helped me with is my finances, I went from spending more than my fortnightly pay thus delving into my savings to not only saving money at the end of each fortnight but actively saving at the beginning as well as having some left over! Jacqueline really made me realise where my money was going and together we worked out the perfect budget plan for me that has now just become what I do. I am now on my way to achieving my goal of buying a house next year. Through Jacqueline’s Life Coaching I also changed my outlook on my job, I developed much better working relationships with my bosses and feel a lot more organised and in control of my life.After getting on top of my finances and becoming happier at work Jacqueline then helped me with a terrific strength program and eating plan which was just perfect for me. Being tall and skinny I went from not eating that much and feeling lethargic to bulking up with an extra 8kg of muscle in 6 weeks, toning up and eating so much more. I now have a lot more energy and with the extra food and strength I am even concentrating better and achieving so much more in my working day. Thanks Jacqueline!

Troy Bottams – Executive Assistant ANZ. Melbourne, Australia.

Before I met Jacqueline there were a number of things in different aspects of my life I was not happy about. These are the areas in my life that have changed for me from past to the present…The biggest thing that Jacqueline helped me with was clearing my head. Before I received Jacqueline’s spiritual guidance coaching I felt confused and annoyed and didn’t know what to do. Jacqueline helped me get rid of my distractions and gain a clear mindset. I am now much happier and have positive outlook on life. Jacqueline has also helped me with planning goals, for example I don’t set too many goals for the day anymore because if I don’t accomplish them all I only get disappointed and feel that I have not had a good day and thus failed in what I set out to do. Now I have specific, realistic and measurable goals that if I happen to make more then that’s a bonus!

Jacqueline helped me organise my finances and taught me budgeting skills so I can feel happy about myself now and for the future. Jacqueline also helped me feel happy about my weight! It’s not just all about exercise it’s also about enjoying your lifestyle and feeling comfortable about who you are as a person. Jacqueline also helped me to find the right cut clothes to suit your body shape and this was just fantastic! I used to hate shopping but with Jacqueline’s eye for cut and design she has given me a whole new perspective I have a better self image and enjoy shopping now.

The main thing that Jacqueline has taught me is don’t do something unless you want to do it… because if you go ahead with that certain thing and you don’t like it you’ll feel disappointed and think why didn’t I just listen to myself?

In conclusion, I’ve learnt different ways of perceiving things, taking a positive approach and not always thinking of the negatives. I’ve got a whole new style and outlook on my life. I’ll defiantly keep using Jacqueline for guidance and when things go wrong I use my new skills and if that doesn’t work I’ll sit down with Jacqueline and work out different approaches to overcome the situation.

Jo – Team Leader Victoria, Australia.

Life & Business Coaching from Jina Life has helped me understand what my true strengths and weaknesses are and how I can use this new found information to increase my work performance and productivity, enhance my personal relationships and no longer allow my weaknesses to hold me back like they have in the past…

Bonnie Dalton – Band Manager Melbourne, Australia.

I should start by saying that if you secretly want your ego stroked or affirmation that all of the mistakes you are making are the right thing to do then… DON’T SEE JACQUELINE! If, however, you seem to have that slightly uneasy feeling that something isn’t quite right (like when you think that you might have left the iron switched on…) but about your life, then JINA LIFE will be an excellent step in the right direction.

Jacqueline will “give it to you straight” with constructive assessments of your strengths and weaknesses.

From my experience, following the fact finding stage when Jacqueline gathered masses of information from me, she then gave me a single piece of information that was both stunningly simple and very hard to accept about myself. After the bumpy initial phase of ranting, raving and denial, gradual acceptance came to me and I found that my life took on a lovely simplicity that now seems to be self fulfilling. Of course I make mistakes as I continue to try to “retrain” my behaviour, but Jacqueline is always there for me to give support and guidance.

I cannot recommend the services of JINA LIFE highly enough. Jacqueline has a huge amount of empathy as well as common sense. She will assist you in making the adjustments that are necessary to make your life free of that sense that something “isn’t quite right” and put you on the path that is right for you.

Name withheld – Account Manager Melbourne, Australia.

I have to say the biggest thing in my life that I was not happy about was my sexuality and this had been upsetting me for years. I was extremely confused and was not sure which direction to go. Jacqueline made me realise what I wanted by asking and helping me with many things but most importantly ‘What do you want in the long term..?’ I know that one day I want children so eventually I woke up to myself, I also had to work out A LOT of other stuff, the pros and cons and once I dealt with being happy and accepting being by myself, I knew I could move forward. I’m now in a happy relationship with a man.

Louise Melbourne, Australia.

My name is Heather Perkins and I am 56 years old or years young which ever you like to call it! I have been rowing on an ergo machine now for 4 months 2-3 times a week with Jacqueline Pigdon as my coach and personal trainer. I am feeling wonderful, I have improved my rowing times and seem to do so each time I row.My whole body feels much better than before and as I am a golfer, playing a round of golf is much easier. Let me explain – before exercising with Jacqueline towards the end of a round of golf my feet and legs would start to ache and get very sore, that has all disappeared since I have been rowing.

I am not a light weight person and have battled with that all my life, I have lost weight and lost lots of inches off my body too, my clothes fit much better and I generally feel GREAT!!

I have no hesitation in recommending this type of exercise and Jacqueline to anyone!

* If you would like to read about Heather’s success at the 2007 Victorian Indoor Rowing Championships cut and paste this link into your browser:


GEELONG rowers Jacqueline Pigdon and Heather Perkins brought home two golds and a silver at the Victorian indoor rowing championships at Ascot Vale last weekend.

Pigdon won two gold medals in the women’s open lightweight 2000m and 500m and Perkins a silver in the women’s veterans 1000m.

A previous elite lightweight rower for Barwon Rowing Club, Pigdon now coaches women in their 50s on the ERG rowing machine to help them get fit, lose weight and get more out of life.

She has been coaching Perkins for the past four months.

I am very proud of Heather, she has been so dedicated to her training program, it was fantastic to see her race so well and win a medal yesterday.

Heather also went on to win Bronze at the 2007 Australian Indoor Rowing Championships and Jacqueline a Gold & Silver.

Heather Perkins – Farmer. Barwon Heads Victoria, Australia.

My name is Jacob Donald and I am nearly 14, I met Jacqueline about 5 months ago when I decided to try rowing as pre-season training for football. Since I started rowing I have become fitter and my efforts paid off as I have gone from C Grade football to A Grade footy. Jacqueline also saw potential in my rowing ability and I competed in my first regatta early this year. My results were excellent considering the amount of time I have been rowing and the experience of my competitors.

Her positive attitude and discipline has shown me that I need to try harder at school, sport and how I apply myself to every thing I do. Being young I find it hard to do but Jacqueline’s influence is a constant reminder to better myself.

I recommend Jacqueline to anyone who is looking to bring positive input into their lives.

Jacob Donald – Junior Rower BRC Victoria, Australia

I didn’t know much about life coaching before I met Jacqueline so when I was asked at work whether I would like to try a session I was quite interested to see what it was all about. At the same time I was also a little nervous discussing my personal matters with someone I had never met but after meeting Jacqueline and spending a bit of time together I became very comfortable and soon began to see just how much she could help me. I have always been quite a shy and reserved person and scared to express my true self. Jacqueline helped me to understand the lack of confidence that I had in myself and my fear of rejection and taught me to how to become a stronger person. I used to concentrate too much on the small issues and would turn minor things into major problems, or so I thought. Realising now that they were not worth all the stress and worry I am now able to focus on the important things in life.I now feel that I am not only a better person to myself but also to those around me and I can’t begin to explain how good it feels both mentally and physically.

Jennifer Borg – Practice Manager – Abound Lifestyle Planners. Melbourne, Australia.

Jina Life came to me in a very intense time of my life. In the past 6 months, I was holding a full-time job, was starting my own home business, I was in the process of quitting my job due to a burn-out diagnosis, a just had a miscarriage and was dealing with very scary health issues. While I was trying to joggle with all these circumstances, my family and professional life were spiralling down and I felt as if I had lost control of my life. My psychology training helped me to deal with these issues, but it seemed as if the situation was just too big for me to handle by myself. I sought out professional counselling, but it didn’t help me as I thought it would, the match just wasn’t right. Then the universe sent Jina Life to me. They actually came to me, which makes this story all the more special. As soon as I found out what their mission was, I was very intrigued since my own business plan implicated a counselling practice. That was the beginning of a very exciting time for me, as it set a healing path for me. Magically, at the same time, other complimentary tools manifested themselves to me, like the book A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle), which simply changed my life forever.

I really enjoyed my personal sessions with Jina Life and we are now in the process of starting mentoring sessions for my counselling practice. I need to say that the Jina Life team has great insight on people’s hearts and souls. Jacqueline is sensational in her unique style: extremely approachable, flexible, down to earth, direct and wise, just what I needed!

I can honestly say today that my life has made a huge turn-around! I am not only working on a great contract in mental health and getting things together for my business, but I am happy to report that I am healthy, grounded and at peace. I believe all life experiences (especially the bad ones) make us grow exponentially, if we pay attention. I also know that life has it’s way of surprising us, that’s why I believe we need to know ourselves (strengths and weaknesses), get connected to a higher power (we all may have different names for it), develop resilience, and enjoy life!

Jina Life did an excellent job in accompanying me in that great adventure.

Thank you!

SZ – Mental Health Manager / Personal & Professional Counsellor, Quebec, Canada.

Thankyou so much for the Birth Chart. I don’t know what to say instead of many thankyou thankyou and thankyou! With your guidance at Jina Life I felt really touched, this must be my lucky year and turning point. I also feel much better after I met you. Might be that my guardian angel sent you to me.

I have repeated all the time what you suggested to me about being more assertive with when I am available to work. I have changed my mindset from only focusing on the times I can’t work, due to caring for my two girls, to seeing all the hours I am available. Now I say “I am available on such day and such time to work…..”, And I got several hours extra now! This has not only enhanced my self esteem and confidence levels but also helped me financially.

How amazing you are Jacqueline!

June H – Carer Geelong, Australia.

I had an idea, a feeling that something in my life had to change, and a change was needed for the better – I had so many ideas running around in my head for new businesses. I didn’t know where to start, or what to do. My own life had changed – I was no longer a career driven do as I please person – I was now a working mum looking for a way to get balance – still driven, but my life game plan had changed. That was when a friend and business associate referred me to Jacqueline.

I didn’t really know about life coaching, I only knew I needed to try and find some way to change my life to meet new needs – and be a better person. What I discovered from the very first session was techniques to use at work, at home, and sure enough positive changes started happening at work, and at home. I started establishing my new identity as a working mum, and in the process achieved a much more manageable work/life balance, and trying to be more accepting of my new post baby body through some very valuable advice.

As for working out what to do in the future to change my life, Jacqueline also helped me with this through asking me questions and setting me tasks which required a lot of thought, self reflection, and action to move forward. So yes, I now know what to do, and smooth transitioning is what I have learnt is most important for successful change.

If you believe in investing, then I highly recommend investing in your own life, and you will find you get so much more in return.

Thank you, Jacqueline – all goals are now pointing to happy – whether at work, home, or in the wardrobe!
Belinda Lockerby – Mum/Sales & Marketing Project Manager

“Jacqueline is a responsive and detailed focused person. She has outstanding people skills and is always professional. She has a natural ability to quickly build rapport and trust. I would not hesitate in recommending Jacqueline.”
Mark Landells, Account Executive, Data#3 Limited People Solutions, Melbourne Australia

Jinalife’s warm friendly and sincere coaching approach has shown me that we all need to respect our skills and achievements. In Jinalife’s career coaching I have learnt that being gently assertive is an essential skill in our journey of life. The career coaching I received has assisted me greatly in my own career development where I have taken off in leaps and bounds in the past 12 months. Including a 30% pay rise! I was very grateful for the coaching that I received from Jinalife as they always put my needs first.

Thanks again Jacqueline, for your coaching and friendship.

Tracey Drew Brisbane, Australia

Jacqueline is an amazing, inspiring coach who genuinely believes in her clients and their ability to grow and evolve. Jacqueline approaches her coaching from a spiritual place that helps her clients to deepen their self awareness. Jacqueline is a true professional and incredibly generous in sharing her experiences and knowledge with others, including myself!

Kylie Sykes – Executive Coach, Kaleidoscopic Solutions Melbourne, Australia

Jacqueline’s sessions helped me to sort through the chaos and become more focused on what I wanted to achieve in both my career ambitions and personal life. The tasks were effective in that they broke down seemingly impossible tasks into smaller manageable exercises. With Jacqueline I was able to develop a sound starting point to begin moving toward my goals and am now more focused on identifying and working towards things I want to achieve which is a big motivator. The area in which I have found the most improvement is in my fitness. Being able to stick to the plan I created and get enjoyment out of it is very rewarding.

However, I was surprised to find that I use Jacqueline’s advice in more situations than just what we discuss in our sessions.

Rhiannon Coulson – Administration Officer, Abound Financial & Lifestyle Planning Melbourne, Australia

I really enjoy your emails – I was just thinking how concise and easy to read they are… then I got to the communication section, spot on, that’s just what I was thinking – your emails are to the point, always a pleasure to read. Thank you!

R. Armstrong

Jina Life was fantastic at helping me gain my much desired direction in life. After completing a degree and travelling the world Jina Life helped me with the difficult and potentially life determining question. What do I want to do as a career? Jina Life was extremely generous and not only helped me with this decision but assisted me in improving every other aspect of my life.

I am now a much happier person (not that I would have considered myself an unhappy person before Jina Life) and know what I have to do to maintain a happy and successful life. I am currently enjoying my journey to becoming a Naturopath and am fit healthy and happy.

Thanks Jina Life! Thanks Jacqueline!

Claire – Future Naturopath

Jacqueline is an excellent rowing coach. The combination of her technical rowing expertise together with her life coaching skills make her ideally suited to instil confidence and develop good technique at an individual’s own pace. She is very astute at identifying subtle areas for improvement and keeping you focused, using a variety of exercises to prevent disillusionment if things take longer to master than you would like.

Jacqueline’s calm manner also adds to the overall positive experience of her coaching sessions.

Moira Bennett – Recreational Rower London United Kingdom.

Jacqueline stepped in to coach our small social rowing group after the loss of our much loved coach. We wanted a coach who would continue to develop our rowing skills but without becoming frustrated by our lack of desire to compete. It was apparent from our first session with Jacqueline that she has all these skills. She has a calm, relaxed and easy manner and her teaching style is clear and direct. Her sessions have structure and leadership and she keeps morale high with constructive feedback.

Jacqueline is adept at judging when we need the session to build confidence and to consolidate our technique and equally when we need to be stretched and developed with more ambitious goals. She has helped me to focus on key skills to improve my technique and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her.

Penny Powis – Recreational Rower London United Kingdom.

What has been terrific about Jacqueline’s rowing coaching from our very first session has been the way that she picks one thing on which to focus and work, so we aren’t trying to fix too many things at once, and she also always finds legitimate things to praise, so we never leave a session, even hard ones, feeling discouraged or down-hearted. By using Jacqueline’s enthusiasm for the sport to encourage us, she helps us to achieve more than we ever thought possible.

Maralee Vezie – Recreational Rower London United Kingdom

I have been rowing with Jacqueline for a few months now and I can say that she is one of the most positive and encouraging coaches that I have ever met. She has a good eye for detail and is quick to spot small changes that can make a big difference. Jacqueline can make even the most intractable problems seem solvable! And she is unfailingly cheerful and forward-looking. Her land-training programmes are inventive and are geared to the needs and abilities of each person. I would recommend Jacqueline to any beginner or intermediate sculler who wants to enjoy their time on the tideway and improve their technique.

Julith Jedamus – Recreational Rower London United Kingdom.

Speaking with Jacqueline was like talking to a girlfriend but with expertise advice. Jacqueline directed the conversation on the main issues and narrowed it down to focus on what is really blocking the subconscious. Believing that we can counteract this!!

Realising how much work I have done on myself confirming I am ready for the next level which is a different level to purifying all the emotions from counselling. Result would be to feel confident that I am making the right choices in my life really knowing it. Not weakening with the wrong option for myself.

Tina Russo – Yogavita Queensland Australia

I immediately felt comfortable with Jacqueline. She was warm and welcoming and had the most amazing energy. She was excited by life. I listened to her describe the life changing experience she’d had upon meeting and working with her own coach. I felt excited for her that someone had such a profound influence on her. I found myself really hoping that someone could do that for me too. I feel I am looking for someone who can inspire me and help me be the best person I can be.

Jo Patrick Geelong, Australia

Really worthwhile, nice to be able to talk to someone who positively believes they can help me get not only my career but my life in order. Inspiring.

Marie Tziourtzias Sydeny, Australia

Jacqueline is a wonderful soul to connect with, she is a brilliant listener and a great communicator and coach. I would encourage and recommend her to anyone needing that extra guidance and motivation in their lives.

Marianne Andrews Sydeny, Australia

It’s amazing how life coaching can transform your life and get you the things you’ve always dreamed of; whether it’s a career doing something you love, that elusive work/life balance or even increased self-confidence. It’s all possible thanks to Jacqueline at Jina Life.

Claire Tipton – Aspire Magazine Editor London United Kingdom

The current economic climate and state of the job’s market has got us all feeling like we’re stuck in a rut and unable to achieve that longed for work/life balance. Jacqueline can help you make the most of your life, no matter what you desire.

Stacey Wragg – Aspire Magazine Sales Manager London United Kingdom

I was inspired, I had gained more confidence in a small amount of time, I had became more focused and energised to achieve my goals that Jina Life coaching is going to help me to do.

M. E Victoria, Australia

My initial session with Jacqueline was a very useful session and very quickly into it I gained some incredible insights into my own behaviour and the impact this has had on my relationships. I was very impressed with how quickly Jacqueline got straight to the issue, asked the right questions and enabled me to analyse my own situation and my reoccurring patterns of behaviour.

Alice McDougall Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Jacqueline is a excellent rowing coach. I was only in London for a few weeks but she was able to take my rowing to a completely new level. Her vast professional rowing experience allows her to fine tune your skills in all areas; yet she has the patience and clarity to take on even a beginner or near-beginner. She was able to identify my bad habits immediately and give me drills to work on developing a better, more consistent technique. Now I have specific exercises that I can take to any river to keep improving my rowing. Most importantly, while Jacqueline can push you physically, she always makes sure that you feel comfortable in the boat and on the water. Above all, we always had a great time on the river and had some really challenging rows.

Courtenay Taos, New Mexico

I was quite surprised at how insightful Jacqueline was given it was our first session and she only had limited information about me. I guess it’s true that certain things are more obvious to other people than to yourself. She gave me pointers that I can take away and get to work on straight away. I am now ready to take responsibility for my life and the decisions I make along the way.

Jill Leigh United Kingdom

Jacqueline has been coaching me since January 2011. When I met her I was very self-critical and nervous in my single. Her mix of sound technical coaching and a contagious positive attitude has filled me with a “can-do” sense of determination. This foundation of confidence is what has finally allowed me to make changes and consistently feel progress. It is a great feeling and I have never had so much fun in a boat. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Leah Janss Lafond London, United Kingdom

I was quite apprehensive before having my complimentary life coaching session with Jacqueline, however once I started talking to her I felt ‘at ease’. She really made me feel like she understood my situation and could indeed help me to improve various aspects of my life.

Susan Wilkinson Durham, United Kingdom

I have gained so much more than I had expected from my program with Jina Life. My completeness as a person was expertly developed and gently revealed through the six months. I realise now, that what I initially thought I wanted has been shaped and moulded into a more full picture than I had envisioned. I unequivocally recommend Jacqueline and the Jina Life team.

Joy Clarke Canberra, Australia

I found the sessions very helpful and as a result am in a much better place, thanks for your time and guidance.

Andrew Mockridge Adelaide, Australia

Jacqueline is very personable and made me feel at ease, and I did feel like I was a lot less alone and put-upon in the world. She does invert all the issues – making you see that the problems in your life are more your own actions and choice, which is upsetting at first but ultimately a huge relief and I felt a lot clearer about how to proceed with things. Life coaching is definitely something I will sign up for in the future, although at present I need to focus on more of a therapy approach. Jacqueline also talked about the birth chart approach of JinaLife, which sounds very exciting and I feel confident that Jinalife would make some serious positive changes.

TL London, United Kingdom

I found Jacqueline extremely friendly, understanding and helpful all at the same time as well as being very professional. She’s very knowledgeable and experienced at life coaching and I couldn’t rate her highly enough.

SD London, United Kingdom

I found my first coaching session inspiring and very motivational. I actually felt quite empowered and could finally start to see through the “fog”!

Clara-Monica Mboizi London, United Kingdom

I had no prior experience of life coaching so I was curious to know what it would be like. I was pleasantly surprised at how much was fleshed out and what I was left to reflect on. Jacqueline was really professional and easy to talk to. I think that everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time and it’s helpful to speak to someone who has more of an objective stance but still has your best interest at heart.

Saundra Rhoden London, United Kingdom

I found the coaching sessions with Jacqueline very informative and she was understanding of my needs. I felt my world was different after the sessions as it has inspired me with the possibilities that are out there and the importance of realising what you can accomplish.

Natalie Monelli Melbourne, Australia

I found my complimentary session to be insightful and accurately addressed the things that were getting my way of moving forward.

Kim Norton Sydney, Australia

I found the conversation an extremely helpful and positive experience. I felt genuinely listened to and understood and thought Jacqueline had a very warm and engaging way of making her points. She challenged some of my negative beliefs in a convincing way and gave me some workable strategies to start applying straight away. She was also happy to talk about examples from her own experience which I felt made the conversation feel more natural and comfortable than a typical therapist-patient relationship.

I felt able to be completely open with Jacqueline and was surprised at how much we were able to cover in just an hour. The only negative aspect of my experience was that I found it difficult to hear Jacqueline as the line somehow became quite bad during the last 5-10 minutes when she was explaining the different programme options to me, but that was beyond either of our control I think.

Alastair Murray London, United Kingdom

I have found my session with Jacqueline really motivating and inspiring. It is good to analyse your life and look at it from other perspective. As one and first session it was very productive and I could imagine how helpful is to have more sessions. In overall, it was a great and informative session, the atmosphere was warm and friendly.

Loreta Martinaityte London, United Kingdom

I quickly learned that it is in Jacqueline’s nature to enjoy being amongst people, working in a team and supporting those around her. Coupled with her confidence and established skills, it is not surprising that her recent Humorous Speaking Workshop was delivered with ease, engaging both new and experienced club members from the International Toastmasters community. Jacqueline is characterful, approachable and enthusiastic in her participation, making her one of the most valuable members of our Toastmasters club. She has demonstrated time and again, great creativity, in her own energetic and rallying style, and a perseverance to deliver.

Bob Nisbet – President 2012/2013 West London Speakers Club

Thank you for the workshop. That was one of the best workshops I have ever been to. There was so much thought put into it and everyone participated and learnt a lot. It is ages since I had such a good laugh and also learnt a great deal in the process.

Lilian Nandi, West London Speakers Toastmasters Club MemberClub

I felt like I was speaking to someone who knew and understood my situation even though we have only just begun the journey… Throughout the session I knew that Jacqueline was coming from a place of experience and knowledge whilst also from a great foundations in her own sense of being… I am glad to have found her and can’t wait to take the next step…

Amanda United Kingdom

I have enormous gratitude for what you have helped me with. I feel much more capable of dealing with life’s hurdles and moving forward with purpose and joy in my life.

Rosy Borland Australia

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your clarity, your absolute belief in Life, your enthusiasm without limit and your tips & advice that can conquer any mountain. Axelle Bonaparte, Metamorphic Technique Practitioner, Tsuboki Facial Massage & Life Coach, London, United Kingdom www.themetamorphicway.com

Jacqueline assisted me develop the passion and skills required to excel in my chosen career. I now wake up with a sense of purpose and excitement every day!

Bronwyn Woodgate, Lawyer Melbourne, Australia